For the End of Pregnancy

by Boon and Boys

I have felt so many different emotions during this pregnancy.  From tremendous fear to complete peace, I have experienced a whole host of feelings that have sometimes caught me off guard.  The last weeks of my pregnancy have been filled with anticipation, guessing, feelings of pressure, and ultimately contentment.  I have wondered when and how my baby will come and have tried to plan and predict something that is completely unpredictable.  I have felt stress and pressure from others, readiness myself, and yet also a desire to hold onto these last beautiful moments of life as it is and what will most likely be my last pregnancy.

In the end, I have found a perfect peace, a contentment, an appreciation for this phase exactly as it is.  I trust that my baby and my body will be ready at the exact right moment.  I believe it is all perfectly preordained and set to occur at the ideal time.  I believe that, just as with his conception, a moment too soon or a second after would change everything and that it will all unfold in the way that our story and journey is meant to be.

In the end, I am grateful.  I am grateful for his health, for this opportunity, and for our one of a kind adventure together.