Open Letter to Parents

by Boon and Boys

Dear parent,

This letter is my apology to you. I wronged you. You were unaware of my trespass against you, but that doesn't make my fault any more acceptable. While you were busy parenting, I was busy judging.

You let your child sleep in your bed. How weird is that? You obviously do that more for yourself than the baby. I was wrong, I'm sorry. You aren't even talking to your child at dinner. Could you pay attention to your baby who is screaming your name? I was wrong, I'm sorry. You gave your child your phone instead of engaging with her or giving her a coloring book. Do you want her brain to rot? Are you that lazy? I was wrong, I'm sorry. Your child has snot running down his face and food in his hair. Do you not care about hygiene, could you clean it up? I was wrong, I'm sorry. Your child is throwing a huge tantrum and you are rolling your eyes as you carry her away. Be a better parent. I was wrong, I'm sorry. You said no and now you're giving in. You do know you need to be consistent to raise a well-behaved child, don't you? I was wrong, I'm sorry. You just snapped at your child in public. If that's how you speak to him in public I hate to think about what an awful parent you are behind closed doors. I was wrong, I'm sorry.

I now realize you are doing your very best to get by. You're exhausted, your child has been screaming at you all day and won't nap. You haven't had a good night's sleep since you found out you were expecting and you wonder if you'll ever sleep again. Even though it may not look like it on the surface, you are aware of the scene you're causing. You would be embarrassed, but you are so overwhelmed that part of you doesn't care what others think. Yet, at the same time you feel like you're completely failing as a parent and wonder if you are doing irreparable damage to your child in every moment.

For these and all the other judgments I made, I'm sorry. I was wrong. And lucky for you, karma is a b*tch.


Someone who gets it now