About Being You

by Boon and Boys

Being you.  Shouldn't that be the most basic and simple thing there is?  After all, we are ourselves so shouldn't we be ourselves without effort?  One would think.  Yet, I find myself not being me.  At least not completely.  I worry about what others will think.  Will my followers like what I post?  Will I lose followers if I post what I want and not what they want?  I worry about why certain pictures don't get many likes or when I lose followers.  I fear upsetting people or appearing rude when I don't respond to a comment, call, or text.  I live my life trying to please others and striving to anticipate the reactions my actions will get.

How exhausting that sounds.  Maybe that's why I'm tired all the time (okay, maybe not having slept through the night in about a year has contributed to it too).  But seriously, why do we work so hard to please others?  When can we stop trying and just be?  I say screw it.  We get one life so shouldn't we live for ourselves?

That doesn't mean not caring or acting selfishly, but it does mean accepting who we are and living true to that.  Knowing our priorities and acting in accordance.  Being silly or nerdy or smart or artistic or whatever we are at heart.  Embracing our gifts and letting what makes us uniquely us shine, regardless of how others respond.