As You Age

by Boon and Boys

Henry and I are up "celebrating" my birthday at 2am. It's a big one for me, my 30th. I remember being 25 and looking forward to the legitimacy 30 would bring. As a yoga instructor, I would do a pose and then be told it was only because I was "young." I felt like nothing was attributed to hard work or talent and that I was viewed flippantly and taken lightly by my more mature clients.

As I hit 30 I think about the milestone that is. Mostly I'm amazed at the fact that I remember pictures of me at my dad's 30th birthday and am now celebrating mine. How was he 30 and now I am? The same age! I was only a little older than Henry and now I have a baby and am turning 30 myself. It makes my mind spin.

What I realize, though, is how lucky I am to be alive. How incredible is it that I get to celebrate a milestone that many do not. How blessed am I to have another day of life, another year of life. How fortunate am I to be surrounded by my parents, sister, husband, and son as I celebrate my birthday. How exciting is it that I get to grow older.

Birthdays are often celebrated during youth and dreaded once one hits a certain point. The concept of aging is one we don't handle well. I like to think of it as a privilege, though. Every year older I get is an opportunity to experience more life and spend more time with those I love. What could be better?