For when things don't go as you planned

by Boon and Boys

I write this sitting on the floor in the middle of boxes that were supposed to be picked up by movers this morning.  Our whole moving plan is contingent on things going according to plan as we have a tight time frame in which we can move (plus things like our electricity are set to turn off and it's summer).  Due to a mix up in paperwork, we don't have movers and we are in the process of trying to find a Plan B.

Normally I would be paniced, and of course I feel uneasy about it, but I am finally finding a permenant peace.  In the few short months my son has been out in this world, I have learned a patience and calm that trancends circumstances.  Of course I still get anxious and upset, but I find myself at ease even in situations like these.

It helps to have a bigger picture.  I recognize what is truly important in this life, and know that as long as I have my family I am good.  Everything else will work itself out.