For when you're holding your baby

by Boon and Boys

As I write this post I am breastfeeding my baby as we lie tummy to tummy with his head rested on my arm and his arm laying against my chest. I need to brush my teeth and get ready for bed, but every time I set him down he wakes and cries to be held again.  As much as I need to leave and get other things done, I don't want rhese moments to end.  

Of course I want my baby to grow up, strong and happy and healthy, successful and accomplished, independent and well.  But, at the same time, I never want my baby to leave my arms.  I want to keep him young and dependent on me forever.  Always holding onto me, begging me to hold him, briefly opening his eyes to make sure I'm still there after he falls asleep on me, resting his head against my chest, and giving me wholehearted love and affection.  

So for now,  I will linger a little longer, let everything else go, hold him a little closer, stare at him a little longer,  forget what others think, say, and expect. I will cherish every second for I know they will pass all too soon.  These moments in which my heart feels like it could explode are what really matter in life, everything else can wait.