For when you are forced to be patient

by Boon and Boys

I think patience comes easier for some than for others.  For me it doesn't always come easily.  When there is something I want to accomplish, I want it done now.  When I'm sick or in pain, I can be patient for a few days, and then I am over it.  I get frustrated when learning a new skill that doesn't come completely natural to me and get down on myself when I feel that I have fallen short of either my own or others' expectations.

Currently my body is requiring me to have patience.  I'm 35 weeks pregnant and for the last week I've lost mobility and experienced increased pain every day.  Right now I can barely walk and even had to rent a wheelchair to go to Disneyland yesterday.  I am frustrated with myself, I'm scared about how long this pain will last, and I worry that others will become annoyed with me because I am so limited.  This is when I must practice patience.  I must be patient with my body and myself, being grateful for this stage of my life exactly as it is.

Worry won't get me anywhere, nor will frustration.  Instead, I can appreciate the good in what I'm going through.  My body hurts because it is growing a baby, my baby, our son.  I have an increased love and appreciation for my husband and how incredible he has been to me.  This pain reminds me that I am not always in pain, and my lack of ability highlights how much I am normally capable of.  Sometimes we are placed in situations that require us to learn a lesson that isn't easy, but if we can focus on the good, and patiently endure, then we may just come out the other side a better person.