For the New Year

by Boon and Boys

A few years ago I started setting New Year's "intentions" in place of "resolutions."  Rather than a specific goal I choose a few mantras I want to live by over the coming year.  Often they are the same year after year.  Often I am working on the same goal, seeking to improve the same trait, looking to embody the same attribute.  I turn to these intentions when I find myself needing guidance.  Some years I set one, others I set multiple.  This year I chose the following six:

I am AUTHENTIC. I resolve to be myself, unashamed and unafraid to let my true self be seen. Being wholly me in all my interactions, relationships, and roles, without apologies or reserve

I am PRESENT. I will be present with Henry, with my husband, and with my family. I will live in the moment and accept it as it is, neither judging nor comparing myself nor my life to my past, my future, nor to others.

I am STILL. My yoga practice and workouts will serve the purpose of giving me peace and stillness. I will do them for myself, not out of obligation or for others. I will take time to sit and just be. My heart will be calm and my mind will be free of worry.

I am CONFIDENT. I will be decisive and driven by my own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs rather than acting out of a desire to appease or win the approval of others. I will recognize my strengths and beauty and treat myself with the love and kindness I deserve.

I am CONTENT. I will be accepting of my circumstances and trust that each moment is exactly as it should be. I will find joy even in difficult moments and take time to savor the most beautiful ones.

I am NON-DEFENSIVE.  I will be slow to react and quick to apologize.  I will listen before responding, accept fault without giving excuses, and practice patience in all circumstances.  I will trust that others will be forgiving of my mistakes and will practice forgiveness of myself.