For when everyone but you has "the easiest baby"

by Boon and Boys

Everyone around me (well, everyone in my instagram network) seems to have the "easiest baby," the "happiest baby," "the best sleeper."  It leaves me feeling like I am an anomaly.  Do I have a hard baby?  Am I just a bad mom?  Am I not cut out for this?  Do I have unrealistic expectations?  Am I just a wuss and everyone else is going through the same thing as me but is handling it much better?  It leaves me with these questions and feelings of insecurity and frustration.

In the age of social media it's so easy to compare.  Not just about motherhood, but about my home, my number of followers, my body, my yoga practice, and on and on and on.  We all know that it's not smart to compare the public lives of others to our own private lives.  Of course we all put our best face forward.  Yet, it's human nature to compare.

Maybe some of these people do have an "easy" baby, maybe they don't, but it shouldn't matter.  I have Henry.  He's my baby.  He may be easy or he may be hard.  He's the only baby I've ever had.  Regardless, it doesn't change the way I parent nor does it alter my experience.

So, if you don't have the easiest baby, you're not alone.  If you do have the easiest baby, you're also not alone.  I will live and love my experience, accepting it for what it is, loving my baby for who he is, and embracing myself as the parent I am.