My Favorite Third Trimester Yoga Poses

by Boon and Boys

By 35 weeks in my first pregnancy I was in debilitating pain and needed a wheelchair and/or walker to get around.  I needed to sit on a yoga ball to teach yoga and spent most nights sleeping on the couch to try and find some relief.

This pregnancy, I am 37 weeks and still feel good overall.  I attribute the difference to be incredibly proactive this pregnancy.  I have avoided most hip opening, especially poses like bound angle, warrior II, warrior I, extended side angle, and even goddess.  While I know these poses are beneficial to some pregnant women, I decided they were not right for my body.

I have also focused on pelvic stabilization, especially clams, bridges, and some squats like malasana.  So, all that said, here are my favorite poses at 37 weeks pregnant:

Pelvic Tilts (from all fours, from a modified lunge, and on a yoga ball)

Cat Cow

Modified Bird Dog

Malasana (with a yoga ball in front, sitting on a bolster, with my hands placed behind me for support, and doing malasana squats sitting on the yoga ball)

Down Dog and Wide Legged Forward Fold Stretch

Yoga Ball Work (pelvic tilts--pictured above, pelvic circles, marching, leg lifts--pictured)

Clams (I do a million different variations of these using a light resistance band)

Seated Wide Leg Forward Fold with Ball

Child's Pose Back Stretch on Ball

Side Stretch