Teaching My Son to Love Himself

by Boon and Boys

My whole life I've battled with my body image.  Some days I love myself, but I haven't ever fully loved myself, accepting myself with all my flaws as I do with the people that I love.  It's been a work in progress and something that I've really wanted to master since Henry's conception.  After all, how can I expect him to treat his own body with love and kindness if I don't?  How can I talk to him about valuing himself if he sees me criticize and berate myself?  He looks at me with so much love and adoration so if I tell him that I'm not worthy, what does that teach him about his judgement?

One of the times I feel most beautiful these days is when I look at myself in the mirror before bath time with Henry.  Every night we take a bath together and recently we've added a pre-bath self-love ritual.  Sometimes it includes a naked run around the apartment, but every night we look at our naked selves in the mirror and say, "I love my body and I love myself."  Then we turn our butts toward the mirror and do a booty shake. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it's one of the few, if not only, times in my adult life when I've embraced my body with childlike abandon.

Each night when I look in the mirror I love what I see. Henry and I smile at each other and at our reflections with pure joy and not one ounce of judgement. It's really cool. I don't see anything that I don't like, I only see a beautiful moment and lots of love.

I hope I can start seeing myself that way more often and that I teach Henry to always smile at what he sees in the mirror.