Booty by Baby

by Boon and Boys

Getting back into fitness and a workout schedule after baby can be really hard.  If you and your baby are anything like Henry and me, then it's hard to find time for yourself.  Henry doesn't like to be set down much, nor does he like to be away from mommy.  I'd love to take a yoga class for myself (or even be able to teach more), but at least for now that's not in the cards.

In addition to managing a little person who is reliant on me, there's also things about my body that have to deal with that weren't present before.  If you don't want TMI, stop reading and skip to the next paragraph!  For example, queefing (what a horrible word!) happens way more often than I'd like to admit.  I go into a yoga pose and am caught off guard.  My husband thinks it's hilarious.  I'm not so amused.

Then there's things like added tightness.  The soreness I feel in my upper back, chest, and shoulders from holding and breastfeeding Henry all the time makes for an added complication.  Not to mention, my belly not only looks different, but my core is much weaker.

All that said, there are still little things we can do to get back into shape and feel stronger.  My goal is to include 5 minute exercises here and on my YouTube channel that can be done any time, even while watching your little one.  My videos will vary in length, but you can choose to do as much or as little as you like.  Remember even a little activity is better than none.

This morning we went on a short 10 minute walk (it is hot and humid during the summer here in Alabama) and then did some barre work (shown below).  By the time I was done, Henry was sound asleep in my carrier (and still is).  Now I'm standing up while still "wearing" him as I type this.  It helps that we don't have furniture, but remember even standing more throughout the day can make a difference.  Keep it real, keep it easy, and keep it fun!