My Postpartum Body

by Boon and Boys

I've have a tumultuous relationship with my postpartum body.  Well, to be fair, I've always had a conflictual relationship with my body.  Some days I am kind and loving towards it, but much too frequently I am judgmental and critical. My belly is much softer these days, my body is weaker and I feel flabbier and less fit than before. Ironically before pregnancy I never loved or respected by body enough, and now I find myself longing for my prepregnancy shape.

At the same time,  I try to remember that my body housed my baby. The beautiful baby I am holding in my arms is why my belly is softer and my shape is different. Moreover, I am now responsible for helping to shape my son's self image. I must teach him to be respectful and loving toward his body and himself. Maybe one day I will have my body back, and maybe I won't, but I am more than a body, and my body is part of my journey.  I must learn to love myself at every stage along the way.