No Time to Workout?

by Boon and Boys

One question I often get asked is when do I have the time to workout.  I'll admit, I am not the busiest mom out there.  Although it feels like I have no time to myself, I know there are others that have it "worse" than me.  But, I still believe even the busiest of moms has time to "workout."  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, my workouts look so different these days.

Before I taught classes I worked out either by attending classes or going to the gym.  As a fitness and yoga instructor, I taught up to 6-7 classes and privates a day.  I could workout when I wanted and my workouts were concentrated, lengthier, and focused.  Now, I don't "workout."  I am active, I aim to be fit, I live a healthy lifestyle, I play with my baby, and I model healthy living for him.  

In the morning and/or afternoon we go on a walk together (I wear all 23 pounds of him in my lillebaby carrier).  After dinner, we go on another walk around our apartment complex as a family.  It's become habit, part of our nightly routine.  On the weekend we walk the Riverwalk every Sunday before dinner and on Saturdays we either go to the arboretum or venture somewhere outdoors.  I know I may have to slow down once Henry learns to walk and wants to explore everything on his pace, but we're still up, I'm still standing, we're still moving.

As I'm typing this, I'm bouncing on my stability ball with Henry still asleep in the carrier from our morning walk.  When my back starts to hurt from holding him, it's a reminder to engage my core.  I lift him in the air, it's fun for him and a killer arm workout for me.  I lay him down and do push ups to give him kisses.  I squat with him or let him ride on me as I do bridge work.  I dance with him.  These little couple minute segments may not look like a workout, but they are.

I believe that one of the most important components of staying fit after children is changing your view of what a workout is.  Maybe one day I'll be able to attend a class, teach regularly, and/or go to the gym, but for now I'll take what I can get and what better way to challenge my creativity.

So, how can you find time to workout with a baby, with kids, with a busy life?  Make it part of how you live.  Park further away, take the stairs, bounce on a stability ball, dance with your kids, go on family walks, incorporate your children, teach them yoga, let them be your personal trainers, most importantly, play.