May I Never Forget

by Boon and Boys

This morning as I sat in bed nursing Henry I just watched him. I wanted to take it all in and seal it into my memory forever. I fear the strength of these sensations will fade with time so I want to cement them in my brain as much as I can.

I never want to forget how small his ten little toes are. The pudginess of his feet. The way he always crosses his feet at his ankles. The chunkines of his thighs. His sweet neck rolls. How his smell of sweat and breast milk combines onto a scent that is both pungent and amazingly intoxicating at the same time. The number of lines on his sweet arms and the way his hand always holds onto and caresses me as he nurses. The delicacy of his tiny facial features. The beauty of his eye lashes and how his eyes blink a little slower with each sip. The clamminess of his skin and how his hair curls as he sweats. The way he gives into sleep as I run my fingers through his hair. The way he appears to perfectly peaceful when asleep in my arms. The sound his breath makes as it accelerates when he feels me start to set him down, but slows again when he feels me still next to him. The way he always leaves his legs on top of me as if to ensure that I don't go anywhere. How someone so small manages to take up so much of the bed. And the way my heart aches with love so overwhelming that it feels as if it will explode. These are the moments I live for. This is what I never want to forget.