You Win Some and You Lose Some

by Boon and Boys

You win some and you lose some.  Welcome to motherhood.

My morning: Henry, my boob lover is peacefully breastfeeding.  He keeps breastfeeding and breastfeeding, and my morning smoothie has filled my bladder.  Finally he falls off.  Peacefully asleep in my arms.  Do I dare disturb him?  Okay, my bladder is on it's last stretch (which is even less than it used to be in my pre-Henry days).  How about I transition him to my shoulder, and pee with him still asleep.  Perfect plan.  Mid-pee, Henry wakes up.  Okay, change of plans.  At least my bladder is empty.  Let's trim his nails.  After all that big scratch that I noticed on his nose while he was breastfeeding sure makes me feel like a bad mom.  Henry must still be half asleep because he's never been so calm and still during a nail trim.  This is great!  I'm getting his nails better than ever before.   FFRRRR.  Oh, so that's why he was so still.  He's pooping.  And pooping some more.  And some more.  I'm determined to finish these nails, though, because while he's focused on pooping, he's not focused on me trimming his nails.  Yep, that's gonna be a blow out, but we're almost done.  Sure enough, poop everywhere.  Well, we lost another outfit and I'm pretty sure there's some poop on me, but our nails are good to go!

You win some, you lose some.  Such is motherhood.  Remember to smile about it.