Letters to My Son

by Boon and Boys

Since I found out I was pregnant I started writing letters to my son.  I wrote them before I knew if he was a boy or a girl, before I knew his name, and before I met him.  One day I plan to give him these letters.  I will continue to write them throughout his life and will compile them into a gift (my idea is to give them to him when he graduates high school).

My hope is that these letters will provide him with even the smallest understanding into how much I love him.  I hope that he never goes one day without knowing how loved he is, and that these letters serve as a reminder of how special he is to me.  I have always been better at writing my thoughts and emotions than expressing them verbally.  I have written love letters to my family since I was a child, I write them often to my husband, and I now write them to my son.  They capture moments in time and serve to express the deepest sentiments of my heart.

Before writing this post, I wrote another letter to my son.  I sit here, completely sleep deprived, knowing I should be sleeping while my baby does, but not wanting to let him out of my arms. My heart is so full.  Even though I get frustrated with him when he won't stop crying or when he keeps me up all night, these moments fill my soul with joy, peace, contentment, and love, and I hope my letters to him allow him experience even a small piece my heart.