Sleep Can Wait

by Boon and Boys

I don't get much sleep these days.  According to my fitbit, the most sleep I've gotten (combined) in one night has been just over 4 hours.  I'm very tired, but I also have the most precious baby in my arms.  

His sounds, his facial expressions, his body movements, everything about him is just adorable. The way he squeaks and snores when he sleeps, the grumpy and dramatic faces he makes, the smiles, the way he curls his body up and then stretches long, the times he presses his hands up by his face, the little reflexes and twitches that he gets, his hiccups and sneezes, the fact that he loves being pressed against my bare chest and held in my arms, the way he head bangs and shakes his head furiously when trying to latch on to feed, the times he opens his eyes just enough to make sure that I am still here.  All these things make me realize that sleep can wait.  

I may not be functioning at full capacity, but I wouldn't want to trade these precious moments for more brain power.  I may not get to enjoy our new bed, I may feel like a zombie, and I might feel the weight of my eyelids with each blink, but these days won't last forever.  

I know one day my baby won't need me like this.  He will assert his independence.  He won't long for my arms.  He won't need me for food (just for money to buy it or me to cook it).  He won't spend hours breastfeeding because he is soothed by my touch and presence.  Thinking about those days makes me tear up.  I may miss my sleep, but I will miss these sweet moments much more.  So, for now, sleep can wait and I will treasure every moment with my son.