37 Week Update

by Boon and Boys

I thought I would write an update on our lives at 37 weeks pregnant (only three weeks till Henry is set to make his debut!!!)  Since I last wrote a family post I've gone downhill.  Sometime between 34 and 35 weeks my feeling of low back pain, pelvic instability, and pelvic pressure turned into pretty excruciating right hip and low back pain that left me walking with a limp.  Basically anytime I put any weight on my right leg or I roll over in bed, I feel almost debilitating pain.  

After visiting a physical therapist and doing some research on my own, it seems that my pelvis is hyper-mobile.  I am already very flexible and the added relaxin seems to be resulting in pelvic instability that is causing the right side of my pelvis to tilt forward.  On top of my flexibility, Henry is resting predominately on my right side (as you can see in the pictures below) and the added weight is deepening the imbalance.

In order to prevent further injury, I've been very limited in my activity.  I am avoiding all one sided exercises and pretty much all opening postures.  On our weekly Disneyland trips, Derek has to push me in a wheelchair (picture below, plus some pictures of us trying to relieve some pressure with an inversion table), and when I teach class, I now just sit on my yoga stability ball.  As someone who is very active, this huge decrease in my activity level has been very frustrating and discouraging at times.  That being said, I am coming to terms with it and trying to remain positive.  I am grateful that I have the tools (e.g., body awareness, a wonderful husband, understanding clients) to cope with this situation, and I am trying to remain optimistic that my body will return to it's strong and balanced self postpartum (and I'll have a son).

I also just found out that I am GBS-positive.  For those of you who don't know what that is, GBS is a form of strep that they test for during the last month of pregnancy.  It is generally harmless in adults, but can cause serious problems for babies.  Being GBS-positive means that they will deliver antibiotics to me through an IV before and during delivery to minimize the risk of it transmitting to Henry.

Overall, I'd say that the later half of my third trimester has been exceptionally challenging.  I've had ups and downs throughout my pregnancy, and the first part of my third trimester was probably my favorite.  Lately I've been challenged both physically and mentally.  The pain I am in makes it easy to get discouraged,.  My calves, ankles, and feet are often exceptionally swollen, and lately my right lower leg always feels asleep.  I can barely sleep due to the pain (and false contractions) and have rigged myself up on the couch with lots of pillows, blankets, and an ice pack.  Also, my husband and brother-in-law now easily crush me in Fitbit steps each week. 

However, in spite of all these things, I have the joy of knowing that every day I am one day closer to meeting my baby boy.  If you're reading this at any point in your pregnancy and are struggling, hang in there.  I've heard it's all worth it :)