The Joys of Pregnancy

by Boon and Boys

The closer I get to the end of my pregnancy, the more fondly I look upon it. In spite of the discomforts, sleepless nights, and money spent on doctors visits, I love being pregnant. I can understand why people forget about the pains of pregnancy, just like the pain of childbirth.

As I write this, Henry is either doing acrobatics or karate in my belly. He's kicking my bladder and ribs simultaneously and making sitting quite uncomfortable. Even though the movements themselves are rather unpleasant, they make me smile. The jabs and kicks and punches I feel are from my baby. No one else will ever get the joy of feeling Henry move like I have. These moments are incredibly special.

I will miss having him with me 24/7 once he is born. I will miss the incredibly ability I have to completely meet his needs while continuing my own life and activities. I will miss him being so close to my heart and knowing only me. I doubt that he will ever know the extent of my love. He will never be able to experience this pregnancy from my side nor will he remember this time in my womb. But, I will never forget this amazing time in our lives. As much as I love my baby now, I can only imagine the love I will feel when he is first placed in my arms.  

I still complain about certain parts of my pregnancy and I still have nerves about both childbirth and motherhood, but with each day, I get more excited to meet my son and welcome him into our family.