The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

by Boon and Boys

Valentine’s Day is coming up and with that is the desire to give my husband the perfect gift, especially because this is the last Valentine’s Day with just the two of us.  To give you a little insight into my gift giving, I always try to give gifts that are thoughtful, personal, and creative.  I don’t like to give my husband a gift from his wishlist that anyone could give him, but I try to come up with something unique and special to him and/or our relationship.  I usually try to work on gifts throughout the year so that I am prepared when holidays arrive, but each year I feel more pressure to live up to the last year.


This year is not going to be my grandest or most creative Valentine’s Day, but this week has given me the opportunity to reflect on what Valentine’s Day is really about.  My husband has been sick and I have been doing everything I can to take care of him.  Unfortunately as he is starting to feel a little better, it looks like I am coming down with something.  As much as Derek’s being sick has been miserable and mine already sucks, times like this makes me realize what our love is all about.  Love is being there for your partner when times are rough.  Love is picking up dinner and letting your wife stay home and nap.  Love is sleeping on the couch so your sick husband can have the whole bed.  Love is making hot water with honey for your spouse at 3am when he can’t stop coughing.  Love is being there for each other when you need it most.

This Valentine’s Day I may not have the most elaborate plan, but I value our relationship more than ever.  While I definitely wouldn't call being sick "the perfect gift," it has helped me be grateful for the every day love that we share.  No matter what you are doing this Valentine’s Day or whether you are single, dating, or married, be grateful for the people who love you and take time to celebrate all the areas where love is present in your life.