Gestational Diabetes

by Boon and Boys


One Hour Glucose Tolerance Test

I'm here for my Glucose Tolerance test and you think they'd run this thing better.  I've been waiting for about 40 minutes already and have yet to drink the lovely beverage I've heard so many good things about.  I was hoping I'd come in and they'd give it to me right away so I didn't have to wait on top of the hour I know I have to wait after drinking it.  Apparently that was wishful thinking.  Give a sick pregnant woman a break!

Part I of the test is done and it was actually much better than I thought it would be. So far the worst part has been that, on top of feeling so sick, I had to fast and wait so long before being seen. Once the woman took me back and confirmed all my information, she drew two vials of blood and gave me five minutes to drink this small water bottle shaped drink. It was bigger than I thought it would be, but much more bearable than I had imagined. I never drink sodas, but I would say it had a similar flavor to an uncarbonated Sprite (it was lemon lime flavored). The upside of being sick is that my throat hurts so much that I was able to down the drink pretty quickly. After I finished my drink, she gave me a strict time point at which to come back for Part II. In the meantime I am supposed to sit in the waiting room, walk as little as possible, and avoid any food or drink (including water).


One Hour Glucose Tolerance Test Results

So today I got word that my numbers were high and I have to take the three hour test. The ironic thing is that as much as I've been worried about things during this pregnancy, I wasn't worried about passing the test. I even have a friend who took it the same day and told me she was sure she was going to have it (her mom did and she felt jittery the whole time between the drink and second blood draw--I felt fine). She got the all clear today. I go in tomorrow. The worst part of it all is that my cold hasn't gotten better at all. Normally I completely avoid medicine and definitely want to being pregnant, but it's been so bad that I've taken Tylenol and cough drops just to get through my days. No matter what, though, I have to take it one day and one step at a time. My body is doing a lot right now and as easy as it is to get frustrated that won't help me. Tomorrow I'll take the test and then we'll see. Fingers crossed.


Three Hour Glucose Tolerance Test

First blood draw done! Though, I just learned I have to be poked EVERY HOUR I'm here!!! The lady who drew my blood said I'm going to hurt because I am already bruised on both arms from my first test. I'm doing this for my baby, though, and the more I remember that, the more bearable it all is. I do have to say, that drink...oh man is it so much worse than the first one. Like I said before, I didn't think the first one was that bad, but this one was strong and gross.

I wore my Captain America shirt today because he's been a good luck charm for our family. The three of us--Cap, Henry, and I--are ready for today. Also, even though I accidentally took a 20 minute detour on my way here, I got to hear my favorite "pump me up" song of the moment on the way here.

The second draw was not great. I started to feel pretty woozy and lightheaded fairly quickly. Normally I lay down to have my bloodwork drawn because I have fainted before, but for all my glucose tests so far I've sat up. I'm resting in between now and am telling myself that I'm halfway there--Henry and I (and Cap) have got this.

 Watching  Easy A  between draws.

Watching Easy A between draws.

Third one done. I got poked twice this time because my veins are so bruised that she had trouble finding a place to draw from. One more. Then I get some water too because without that I've lost any remanence of voice I had.

ade it!  Now the waiting game.  Unfortunately with President's Day I have to wait a little longer for the results, but either way we'll get through this.


Three Hour Glucose Tolerance Test Results

YAY!!!! I passed!  I have no idea what my numbers were for either test because they weren't given to me.  I actually had to call my doctor's office to get word that I passed because apparently the "no news is good news" policy is good enough for them.  I could be annoyed by that, but instead I'll just celebrate being gestational diabetes free!!!