Half a Year with My Baby

by Boon and Boys

Henry's 6-month old birthday has hit me really hard.  I am filled with joy, but overcome with emotion.  I keep thinking about six months ago today.  I was in the hospital in this moment.  My husband was by my side and my sister and parents were on their way across the country to be there for Henry's arrival.  My husband was more incredible than I can say.  I remember him being there for me, supporting me, loving me, sticking right next to me in all my gross slim and pain.

Then a few hours from now my baby boy would be placed in my arms for the first time.  I will never forget that moment.  Emotion and love filled every part of my being.  I remember his warmth and how I didn't want them to take him away from me.  It's amazing that I've looked at this sweet baby, my son, every day for 6 months, yet that was my first time laying eyes on him.

In so many ways it feels like a lifetime ago.  Being pregnant seems like a different me.  It feels like a dream.  When you wake up and try to remember it it feels familiar yet cloudy.  That's what it is to me.  Six months ago doesn't sound like that long.  I've had  many 6 months in my life, but time has changed.  It's not faster per say, just different.  I do wonder where my little baby went.  I look at pictures and he was so tiny.  Now he's grown bigger and stronger, he loves to talk, he can sit up, he breastfeeds like a champ,  and he will only continue to grow.

I am so blessed to be his mom.  Even on the hardest days, the worst days, the most poop covered and sleep deprived days, I am blessed.  I am blessed with a beautiful son, a phenomenal husband, and an amazing family.  I am filled with support and love and Henry is surrounded by people who would do anything for him.  What an incredible six months it has been, and how grateful I am for all the six months we have ahead.