Prayer For My Child's First Day of School

by Boon and Boys

Tomorrow my baby boy starts school.  I think about the day he was born, even before--the day I learned he was growing within me, and how quickly time seems to have gone.  How is he old enough to be starting school?  How can he talk in sentences and move with such finesse (most of the time, or at least compared to his younger self)?  How is he possibly old enough to be away from me?  I am scared, anxious, sad, and also excited for and proud of him.  Baby boy, I love you so and will always, ALWAYS be here for you.  So, tonight I pray:


Dear God,

Please watch over my baby boy.  Protect him.  Keep him safe.  When we are apart, watch him so closely.  Wrap your arms around him, hold his hand, give him comfort, keep him safe, protect his heart, protect his body, and protect his mind.  Help him find friends that are kind and loving.  Let him be uplifted and encouraged.  Keep his precious spirit intact.  Don't let him feel a need to conform.  Please let him stay true to his kind, loving, gentle, sensitive, passionate, curious, creative, wild, yet sometimes shy self.  Let him have fun, and help him learn all that he needs to grow into the amazing person he is becoming each day.

And Lord, please be with me.  Give me courage and confidence and strength.  Help me to be strong for him.  Help me to be all that he needs.  Please help me put aside my own fears, sadness, and worries so that I may be fully present and excited for him.  Don't let him sense my apprehension, yet let him see my pride and confidence in him.

And, lastly, please don't let time move too quickly.  Let me appreciate the first solo time I will have with my second born, and help me to be present every day with both my babies and my husband.  Give us a lifetime and an infinity after that together.

In your powerful, perfect presence I pray, Amen.