On the Eve of My Induction (Weekend)

by Boon and Boys

Never in a million years would I have envisioned myself at this point.  Especially after having an early delivery with my first, I never fathomed the potential of an induction.  I realize that I am so, so privileged; that even carrying a child, much less carrying a healthy one, to term, in a developed country, with a supportive and loving family, is a blessing that many are denied, yet I still have struggled with the place I currently sit.  So, as I approach the birth of my second son, a birth that looks like it will be different than I imagined, I pray:


Watch over my baby and me.  Keep us safe, give me courage, and give us wisdom.  Be with the doctors, nurses, and everyone who is a part of my birth.  Please equip them to safely and peacefully bring my baby into this world.  Please give them the wisdom, patience, understanding, discernment, judgement, and skill to make this birth and transition smooth and positive.  Help me surrender.  Help me find peace in knowing that I am doing the right thing.  Please let my baby feel safe and comfortable.  Let him know that I am here for him, waiting for him, that I am not pushing him out or forcing him to scary place, but that I am helping him find his way to us--to his family who loves him so.  That I will give him the time he needs to adjust, that I won't leave him, and that he won't be alone.  Please let our meeting be more than we could hope for.  Let us feel connected instantaneously.  Help our journey and transition so that all of us thrive.

In your glorious name I pray, Amen,