Prayer for Our Second Child

by Boon and Boys

My first pregnancy, I ended up writing my prayer the day before my son was born.  I thought it was beautiful that, on some level, I knew it was time.  Last night I felt a shift.  I felt like I needed to be ready.  I don't know if the beginning of my labor is hours or weeks away, but I do want to take some time to pray for this birth and child just as I did my last.  So,


Dear Lord,

Please protect and prepare my family.  Guide and nurture us.  Be with us through this time of transition.  Give me strength even when I don't know how to find it.  Help me find confidence in my capabilities.  Give me courage, patience, faith, and peace.  Let the love I have for my family be stronger than the challenges.  Help me remember that I am enough.

Protect my baby as he enters this world.  Let him know that I trust when he is ready.  Let him know that I will keep him safe both inside and outside.  Tell him that he doesn't have to rush, but he also has nothing to fear.  Let his birth be peaceful and fill him with a sense of safety, security, and love.

Be with my first baby boy as he adjusts.  Protect him as we are away from each other for the first time.  Let him know that he is okay and that I am okay.  Please fill him with an overwhelming sense that he is still so loved and cared for.  May he never, for even a second, fear being replaced, unseen, or unheard.  Help him to love his baby brother.  Guide him as he enters this new role.  Protect our relationship so that he and I still share the special bond that we currently do.

Similarly, help me develop an equally deep, meaningful, and wonderful relationship with my second son.  Let him know how loved he is.  Give us the opportunity to bond just as Henry and I did.  Let me be enough for them both.  

Please give me sleep.  Let Theodore be a sleeper.  Let both my boys sleep so that I can sleep.  I need to be the best I can be for them, and I don't know if I can do it so sleep deprived again.  Please provide that for me.

And lastly, be with my family as a whole.  Let Derek and I rise together and become stronger once again.  Let our love only grow and give us the opportunity to support each other and come together in every way.  Keep us all safe.  Give us the family we need and can only now imagine.


In your glorious name I pray.