Prayer for Our Next Adventure

by Boon and Boys

It's funny how life is.  This morning Henry and I said a prayer together for a friend who is undergoing infertility treatment.  It made me think about how I haven't written a prayer in a while.  I like writing them because it allows me to really focus all my energy and attention on it.  It feels almost meditative to me too. 

My plan was to write a prayer for Henry's first year of life.  I will still do that, but after making that plan we got word of where we will be going for our first official Air Force stationing.  As such, I felt called to write a prayer for this next adventure.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for guiding us and caring about our lives.  Thank you for letting us know where we are going.  And, most importantly, thank you for giving me the most incredible people to be adventuring with.

I ask that you please watch over us as we start this next chapter.  Please help us find a good place to live.  Please guide our decision making and point us in the right direction so that we can find the best home to grow and raise our family in.  Please let this be an incredibly joyful time in our family's life.  Let us love our new home and help us make friends and plant some sort of roots there.  Please be with Derek.  Let this be a wonderful opportunity for him.  Let him love his job and provide him with the opportunities he wants and most needs.  Grant him the wisdom, courage, and insight to advance his career from this stepping stone.  Please be with Henry and me.  Let us find our place in the community, making friends and finding activities that bring us joy.  Let this be a place where our family is nourished and nurtured.  Also, please keep us safe.  Keep us safe on our journey out there and during our time there.  Bless our path and our family and thank you for always doing so.

In your loving and glorious name, Amen.