Prayer for Our First Solo Trip

by Boon and Boys

Last week Henry and I had our first solo trip for my cousin's wedding.  We had a layover because there were no direct flights.  I must have sensed that we would need peace "in the face of chaos" because we had quite the adventure (I wrote this prayer on the day of our trip).  We successfully made it to the airport, flew through security, got to our gate, and were the first to board the plane.  So far so good.  Once we were seated and ready for take off, we were informed that the Atlanta airport was closed indefinitely due to weather.  

We sat on the plane for about an hour and a half before eventually taking off.  Once we got to Atlanta, we knew our second flight was going to be delayed an hour (11:10pm instead of 10:10pm) so we would make it in just enough time after a bathroom stop and diaper change.  We got to our gate and another flight was displayed.  Eventually they informed us of a gate change.  At our new gate, things didn't seem to be moving along, and our departure time kept getting pushed back.  Finally we left around 12:45am and then landed in Jacksonville and met our family around 2am.  Here we hit another hiccup as there was only one woman letting people out of parking lot and she didn't have the proper change.  We ended up sitting in line for another 30 minutes before exiting the airport.

All that said, Henry and I made it.  I am grateful for the peace and calm with which we faced a potentially stressful and upsetting (two) days of travel.  I realize that I must be patient and unflustered even when my circumstances aren't ideal, if not for me, for Henry.


Dear Lord,

Please watch over Henry and me tonight. Give us both peace. Help me be calm so that I can be a safe haven for him. Please protect us as we travel and keep Derek and Max safe at home. Watch over the four of us while we are apart and bring us safely back together. Let us have a fun time and keep us calm, present, and joyful even in the face of chaos. Please continue to help me be the best mom to my precious baby boy and the best wife to my husband. Keep us safe, happy, and healthy.

In your glorious name I pray.