Prayer for My Son's First Crib Sleep

by Boon and Boys

I just put my son down in his crib for his first night of sleep in his own room.  I said a prayer for him before setting him down and then started crying as I left his room.  As I type this I am watching the baby monitor with bated breath.  When my husband saw my tears he said, "he's not going to college yet."  Here I was thinking I would be a calm, cool, and collected mom who wouldn't cry and those milestones, and, yet I can't even sleep in a different room from my son without feeling emotional.  So tonight I say an extra prayer for my son.


Dear Lord,

Please watch over my son tonight.  Keep him safe.  Wrap your arms around him and keep him in your loving care.  Let him feel my love wrapped around him even though I am a room away.  Let him know that I will always be here for him.  That no matter how far away from him I am, I will always be only a moment away.  If he needs me, I will always come.  There is no distance that can separate us, and nothing that can keep him away from my love.

Please be with me.  Help me sleep well, trusting that Henry is safe and that you will watch over both of us.  Let me have ears to hear his cry and allow me to sense him if he needs me.  Help me to get a good night's rest so that I can be the best mother to my son.

Thank you for protecting and loving us thus far and please continue to care for and bless our family.

In your glorious name I pray, Amen.