Prayer for Peace During Our Move

by Boon and Boys

I'm up even though I should be sleeping during the one chunk of sleep Henry allows me each night because my mind won't stop wondering.  My heart feels anxious and I feel emotional.  I am about to officially leave the place I have called home for the past few years.  The place I lived in when I married my husband, the city in which I opened my studio, and the home to which I brought home my son.  I am incredibly excited about our new adventure, especially because Henry will finally have a dedicated space and room of his own.  I envision us playing on the floor and cuddling in his rocking chair.  But, at the same time I'm not ready.  We aren't fully packed yet, I haven't said all my goodbyes, and we have a cross country trek with a baby and a bunny.  It's times like these when I must breathe and pray so tonight I am praying for peace.


Dear Lord,

Please grant me peace.  Please let me trust you and have a content and at ease heart.  Let my mind quiet so that I can sleep well tonight.  Let me find joy in these last few days before our move, and help me to put aside any anxiety that I have.  Help me to be patient and have a spirit of thanksgiving.  Let me cherish these final moments and be grateful for what this home has been, rather than feel worried, anxious, or scared about what is to come.

Please keep us safe on our journey.  Let us have a fun trip and enjoy our time together.  Please get us safely to our new home, and let our journey be relatively uneventful.  Please let Max and Henry be comfortable and happy along the way.  Help Derek and me encourage and lift each other up.  

Please help us to adjust to our new home and life in Alabama.  Let us enjoy this next year and grow even closer as a couple and a family.  Help us to remember our blessings and cherish every moment as it comes.

Thank you for all the blessings I have been given and for letting this segment of my life be so rewarding and blessed.  Help me to hold these memories fondly, but be at peace as I embark on this new chapter of my life.

In your glorious name I pray, Amen.