Nighttime Prayer for My Son

by Boon and Boys

At night I get nervous when I put my son to sleep.  Even though he is inches from me, I worry that his blanket will go over his face or that something will happen to him in his sleep and I won't notice until morning.  I find that it helps to say a nighttime prayer over my son so that I can go to sleep in peace.  My prayer may be a little different each night, but it goes something like this:


Dear Lord,

Please protect Henry.  Watch over him and keep him safe.  Let him know how much we love him.  Help him to grow into a kind, loving, and faithful adult.  Help Derek and me be good parents to him and a good husband and wife to each other.  Please bless our family and watch over everyone we love.  Thank you for giving me such a beautiful son, a wonderful husband, and a perfect family.  I am truly blessed and I owe that to you.  Please keep us safe, happy, and healthy and help us to be the people you call us to be.  

In your glorious name I pray, Amen.