What is Boon & Boys?

Boon & Boys will provide you with a window into my life as a mother to a boon (our bunny Max) and a boy (Henry arriving this Spring) and a wife to a big boy (Derek).  I hope to provide you with an honest account of my life, with all the joys, messes, and love that it entails.  

As you're reading my blog and exploring this website, please take everything I say with a grain of salt.  Feel free to challenge what I say and know that what works for my family and me may not work for you and yours.  I hope that my experiences are helpful, entertaining, and/or fun for you to read, but, always remember, you're the expert on your own life!


What is the Family blog?

The Family blog includes tidbits from my life, stories from my pregnancy, insight into my marriage, and tales about my children/motherhood.


What is the Fitness blog?

The Fitness blog includes all things fitness related, mostly yoga.  You are welcome to try the workouts that I post on here, but please make sure that you are safe, listen to your body, and remember that I am not here to serve as your doctor or instructor.


What is the Food blog?

The Food blog includes all things food related.  Don't go here if you are hungry :)


What is the Food for Thought blog?

The Food for Thought blog includes everything else--my thoughts, reflections, and personal stories that don't fit under any of the other categories.


What is the From a Friend section?

The From a Friend section of the website is a place where I will include tips and products I like.  I am not here to sell you on anything, and promise to only include things that I would recommend to my friends--which by reading this, you are!